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  • Glaucus Technology Infrared Thermal Imager Helps West Africa Ebola Virus Prevention Work

    Column:Company News Time:2019-05-22

    According to the latest WHO report by the World Health Organization, the Ebola virus has become the largest and most serious spread of infectious viruses in human history since its outbreak. As of September 18, a total of 4,985 cases of confirmed, suspected and possible infections of Ebola have been found, with 2,461 deaths.

    Infrared camera temperature measurement using non-contact infrared temperature measurement principle, can obtain infrared image and temperature information of objects at a long distance with little or no interference to the person being inspected. Different temperatures are distinguished by color in the thermal image. The temperature accuracy is high, accurate and fast, which effectively improves the efficiency of Ebola inspection and detection and the safety of inspection personnel.

    In the face of this grim situation, Nanjing Glaucus -Tech Co., Ltd responded positively and successively invested in CHECKER K11 portable thermal imager, CHECKER K20 precision high-end infrared thermal imager for epidemic prevention work, and gathered all employees of the company to provide technical consultation for frontline epidemic monitoring 24 hours a day. and support.