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  • "Under the dome", what can Nanjing Glaucus -Tech Co., Ltd do?

    Column:Company News Time:2019-05-22

    An old pair of jeans and a white shirt, the tone is quiet and professional, and the narrative logic is very strong. Chai Jing is like a mother, a journalist with the right to speak, with his own strength and money for his daughter, for the future. China has handed over a smog investigation called "Under the Dome".

    Things you already know: This serious self-media work has inextricably smashed the circle of friends in the past weekend – it is no exaggeration to say that its influence may exceed any previous show of Chai Jing. Then the question is coming. What should we do in the face of this war without smoke?

    Let’s take a look at the three questions under The Dome:

    What is smog? - In short, particles with aerodynamic diameters less than 2.5 microns, referred to as PM2.5.

    Where does the smog come from? ——Our air pollution depends largely on four major energy issues – high consumption, relatively low quality, lack of clean front end, lack of end emission control

    what should we do? —— At the macro level, China has promised that carbon emissions will peak to around 2030. Carbon emissions and smog have synergistic emission reduction effects. The peak force means that the country will develop toward a green, low-carbon, and circular economy in the future.

    As described in the film, the environmental protection department appears to be weak in the face of GDP. A large number of high-energy enterprises are arbitrarily arranging and stealing. It is already a well-known secret in the industry, especially under the cover of severe smog and night. Unscrupulous, it is especially difficult for law enforcement to obtain evidence.

    However, the film also gave us a new solution. In this war where we can't see the enemy and there is no smoke, we can do a lot, especially with far-infrared technology.

    It is well known that the wavelength of visible light is in the range of 380-780 nm, which is much smaller than 2.5 μm, and the visible light reflected by the object is blocked by PM2.5, so the visibility in the haze weather is also reduced, and the visibility of the ordinary visible light camera is almost zero. The staff of the North China Supervision Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection took the drone to check the image of the film in Tangshan. The test was overwhelmed by the smog of Tangshan.

    However, using far infrared technology, it can solve this difficulty very well. Infrared thermal imager using far-infrared principle technology, working wavelength is 8-14um, greater than 2.5μm, will not be blocked by PM2.5, can receive infrared radiation from objects, can clearly image, reject smog, night and other environments The interference of the factors opened a window for us.

    The Nanjing Glaucus -Tech Co., Ltd Science and Technology UAV is equipped with a thermal imager, which not only solves the fogging weather monitoring imaging problem as described above, but also plays a major role in finding pollution sources and helping to control pollution. The thermal imager images the temperature distribution by detecting the infrared rays emitted by the object itself, which can be known by a slight temperature difference.

    Some sewage companies may use obstructions to cover the sewage outlets, so that they are not directly visible to the naked eye, or discharged at night, and based on the characteristics that industrial sewage outlets will be warmer than the surrounding environment, these stolen pipelines are innocent. shape.

    "With the same breath, the total fate", under the dome is not only Chai Jing, Nanjing Glaucus -Tech Co., Ltd is now obligatory at this moment.