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  • Infrared camera, a good helper for firefighters!

    Column:Infrared Time:2019-05-22

    Infrared cameras have become a reliable helper for firefighters, and fire stations across the country will upgrade fire equipment.

    According to firefighters, "The earliest thermal imager we used was very bulky and very expensive. At that time, we could buy a few in the entire bureau. Now there are many low-priced models, and each of our teams is equipped with There are several thermal imaging cameras that are often used in daily work. The thermal imaging camera allows us to see things around without the naked eye. When the fire is on, the smoke is rolling and dark, and we don’t understand the layout of the building. At this time, the thermal imager can guide us so that we can quickly carry out the action and find the fire point and the trapped people. It can basically be said that we have provided a very effective road map."

    From a technical point of view, the thermal imager is imaged by heat rather than light. By detecting the temperature difference within a scene, the camera converts these temperature differences into a clear thermal image on the display, and captures still imagery and stores it in a memory card for later review, download, archive, and Training.

    No fear of smoke and dark environment

    In the indoor fire, the smoke on the scene caused great troubles for the firefighters' search and rescue, and it was difficult for firefighters. In fact, we can use the characteristics of infrared light to penetrate the hot smoke, and the temperature difference between the trapped people at the scene of the fire and the surrounding environment, and use infrared thermal imager to display different temperature distribution maps to help firefighters in the case of heavy smoke. Clearly find trapped people and win valuable time for rescue.

    The research data shows that in the indoor fire scene under the same hot smoke condition, the time for searching and rescue using the infrared thermal imager can be reduced by 80% compared with the time when the search and rescue without using the infrared camera, and the rescue efficiency is greatly improved.

    Effectively save lives

    Another use of thermal imaging cameras is to help find people who are trapped and missing. No matter what kind of fire, there may be someone trapped. The thermal imager helps us to ensure that everyone has been safely evacuated and that there are no people in the room. We also use thermal imaging cameras in technical rescue and drowning rescues. For example, if someone is trapped on a remote shore after falling into the river at night, they can use a thermal imager to search. Sometimes we need to deal with traffic accidents at night. If someone is taken out of the car and we need to locate the victim, we will also use the thermal imager.