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  • UAV system and mission load technology and application seminar will be held soon

    Column:Drone Time:2019-05-22

    Recently, the China Optical Engineering Society revealed that the "2015 UAV System and Task Load Technology and Application Seminar" jointly organized by the Society and the UAV Task System and Technical Expert Advisory Committee (Funding) will be held in November. Held in Suzhou on 26-28.


    In 2015, the UAV system and mission load technology and application seminar aims to promote the communication between UAV technology and aerospace technology in China, accelerate the formation and development of the UAV military-civilian integration application market, and focus on the UAV field and the body. Platform, navigation and control, remote sensing prediction hole, airborne equipment (including avionics and electromechanical equipment), industrialization and application, etc., provide a wide range of technical exchanges, marketing and trade for participating experts, enterprises and relevant persons in the industry. The platform for negotiation provides a panoramic service platform for the development of the industry.

    This conference is characterized by the demand of major national science and technology projects, the promotion of drone application and marketization, and the gathering of leading experts, technology teams and enterprises in the field of drones. The organizing committee invites Lv Yueguang, Chen Zhijie and other academicians to serve as the chairman of the meeting, and has invited more than 20 engineering institutes from the General Assembly, Aerospace Science and Technology Group, and leading experts in key universities to make a special report. The meeting will give an overview of China. The overall development trend of human-machine platform technology, and focus on the exchange of the latest research progress, especially mission load, such as laser radar technology, multi-spectral, hyperspectral detection technology, task load integration technology.