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  • The quality of drones is the king of steady development of enterprises

    Column:Drone Time:2019-05-22

    According to relevant statistics, the number of drone companies has increased from more than 100 before 2014 to nearly 400. The rapid development of the drone industry has also brought about a bubble in the industry. In the context of the hot winter of the capital, it also brought the drone industry thinking. However, agree with one point of view, capital has never been cold, only the quality of the product!

    Recently, some media reported that the industry said that the drone market is a cottage, and two or three months for a product. Earlier, according to the global drone market forecast released by the American Teal Group, it is estimated that by 2024, the market share of civilian drones will increase from the current 11% to 14%, reaching 1.6 billion US dollars. The huge industry market prospects have attracted the attention of industry giants and capital markets. However, with the driving of industry capital, in the Internet era, some impetuousness and exaggeration have gradually emerged, and the following considerations have been made from the perspective of the industry.


    Nothing is exaggerated, gold is golden

    Recently, people in the industry, there is a saying in the talk: there are now manufacturers of RC toys claiming to be drone companies! Although it is a talk after a meal, but also reflects an industry scene: the drone market is actually chaotic, urgently In the reshuffle of a market, the survival of the fittest requires the phenomenon of excellent benchmarks in the industry to prove the era of drones.

    The drone is very hot and cannot fully express the attention of the drone market. Especially under the current drone market and regulatory policies, the imperfections in the drone market, including the uncertainty of the drone market policy, the unclear legal supervision, and the lack of perfect industry access standards, are inevitable. Some manufacturers have exploited the market, and the market has brought the market into the development of a vicious market.

    More drone manufacturers enter the commercial drone market. In an environment where market access is not yet clear, it is an opportunity period and a challenge period. The pros and cons are self-evident. In the era market of the Internet, the industry changes rapidly, and the decentralization of the Internet and the flattening of information have greatly improved the efficiency of the market and the speed of message dissemination.

    On the one hand, many UAV manufacturers are running into the market, and there is indeed a foresight in the preemption of the opportunity. The market opportunity is the way to develop the enterprise. At the same time, competition is not a bad thing. In the author's view, the more competition, the better, the competition is enough, the market can exude passion and vitality, and at the same time, when the enterprises compete with each other, masters will surely push the industry forward and Open a new situation.

    On the other hand, due to the rapid development of the drone market, the market access standards and regulatory issues of drone manufacturers, the natural technical barriers and industrial barriers of UAV products exist in the UAV development industry. The industry phenomenon of fish in troubled waters clearly exists. How to distinguish between authenticity and falseness, is there really such a company in the commercial drone market that is investing in scientific research? This is a problem encountered in the early stage of industrial ecological development.

    Do not exaggerate the wind. The power of the Internet cannot be estimated. When using Internet tools to promote corporate and corporate brand promotion and industry development, the realities of the company's authenticity, technical capabilities and industry solution capabilities are particularly important. Only pursuing the favor of capital, talking about the strength of enterprises and technical capabilities, will only be the higher the flying, the more devastating, the devastating blow, and the Internet swords, the gray area of the industry, the transparency of industrial information and enterprises The credibility of the construction of the customs, but an indisputable fact is that "it is the gold will shine brightly", a good enterprise and experts in the Internet wave and industry development process will be better and better.

    Quality and industry solutions are the development of drone companies

    In the next 10 years, drones will become the most dynamic and dynamic market in the aerospace industry, and have become the consensus and common understanding of the industry. There have been media outlets that divide UAV companies into North and South factions, with Shenzhen as the representative, Dajiang as the benchmark, and products as the king. The North Beijing is the representative, and the North Air Drone Research Institute is the representative. School, pioneered in technology research. Under the rapid development of drones, it is not appropriate for drone companies to divide them into North and South.

    Under the current pattern, there are many waves of rivers and lakes, and a wave of unrest has risen again. Looking at the trend of the rivers and lakes, and looking at the market segments, I think it is roughly divided into the following four categories.

    The first category is the innovation of Dajiang, the world leader in the world of drones. It is famous for its product strength and is leading the world in product experience and technology.

    The second category is later represented by the new star, with Yihang as the representative. It was established less than a year ago, and the company's valuation has improved several times. To meet the revolutionary product concept of making the flight no longer a minority, to bring the drone to the world of ordinary consumers, the drone consumption is no longer a professional "pet", but a way of life, technology and enjoyment One of the fun. Of course, on the road of drones, there are many drone entrepreneurs who are starting to dream for the world of drones.

    The third category is that aeromodelling manufacturers are actively rushing into the drone market. Whether it is geese or plucking, it cannot be conclusive. Most of these enterprises are manufacturers of RC toys, and have their own toy production lines. Driven by the interests of the market prospects, they have plunged into the commercial drone market. The drone market has not yet been developed and the industrial ecology has not yet been established. Next, it is worthy of caution for this type of manufacturer. Technology and products are the eternal way for the development of the enterprise of the times. It is perhaps the right thing for professionals to do professional things.

    The fourth category is the long-term development of the general aviation industry and machinery manufacturing enterprises. Most of these enterprises have been deeply cultivated in the aviation industry and machinery manufacturing for many years. They have aviation background and manufacturing background, and industrial technology and R&D technology are first-class. Human-machine enterprises, such as AVIC, deep-rooted UAV industrial chain, military and civilian use, and its scale and industry qualification research, no one can compare with it.

    In the end, one sentence: serious product, good quality and industry solutions is the development of drone companies.

    Dividing the categories in the four types of markets, standing in the drone industry in order to develop healthily, there are two things that need to be done. One thing is that there is no airworthiness certificate in the domestic UAV field, and there is not even a clear standard that can be referenced. The introduction of the standard will clear the market environment. The other thing is the use of drones, especially airspace management, a more relaxed and clearer legal environment, industry-oriented policies and industry access standards for low-altitude economies, and the development of drone enterprise standards is very important. It is.

    Well-known investment guru Buffett once said that "only when the tide recedes, I know who is swimming naked." Whether it is capital, or drone companies, the wave of drones is rushing forward, hope not to close your eyes!