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  • Drone Express Delivery Google wants to schedule

    Column:Drone Time:2019-05-22

    The "alphabet" company that controls Google Inc. said on the 2nd that Google plans to deliver packages to consumers via drones in 2017.

    After two years of research, the company officially announced the "wing plan" in August 2014, and released a video on the well-known social networking site "Yu Rabbit", showing the field test drone delivery in Australia.

    "Wing Plan" head David Worth said at an air traffic control conference in the United States on the 2nd that Google is negotiating with the FAA and other shareholders, with the goal of launching commercial drone delivery in 2017.


    "We believe that we will be rewarded for the next three months, six months and one year," Voss said. "We also expect strong support to make it happen."

    In fact, Voss also served as co-head of the FAA's UAV registration working group. According to him, within the next 12 months, the working group will set up a complete set of drone air encounter guidelines and operator identification system.

    Before December 20 this year, the US government may issue a drone registration rule, which will be an important step in the development of commercial drones. “This market space is very promising,” he said.

    As expected, the flying height of the Google drone is about 150 meters, which Voss calls the "G-class" airspace. With reasonable design, the drone can smoothly avoid manned helicopters and other flying objects flying in the same airspace and cross densely populated areas.

    It is understood that the "wing plan" is also jointly tested with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

    In Australia's actual measurement, the Google drone is 1.5 meters wide and 0.8 meters long, equipped with a four-bladed propeller. However, the final veil of the Google drone that was introduced to the market may have to wait a while to be revealed.

    Google announced a restructuring plan in August this year. It plans to establish a new "alphabet" to manage all its business. The "alphabet" replaces the original Google and is listed as a stock company, holding all the departments under its jurisdiction.