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  • National UAV System Standards Association will be established

    Column:Drone Time:2019-05-22

    The second preparatory meeting of the National Federation of UAV System Standards was held in Beijing today. Representatives from 59 relevant units across the country discussed the organization structure, regulations and rules of the Federation, and the preparation of relevant standards.


    The standard preparation of the UAV system will effectively promote the development of China's UAV business and drive the development of many industries with broad prospects. The National UAV System Standards Association is an industry-wide, national, non-profit social organization that conducts standardization activities in the field of UAV systems. It is engaged in technology development, product manufacturing, operation and other enterprises and institutions in the field of UAV systems. And institutions of higher learning and social organizations are voluntarily formed. China Aviation Integrated Technology Research Institute has held two preparatory meetings in Beijing, laying the foundation for the "National UAV System Standards Association Inaugural Meeting".