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    • Graphic designer 2 people salary 5-8 thousand / month

      Nanjing-Xuanwu District | 1 Years Experience | Undergraduate | Recruit 2 | 05-22 Release | English Proficiency | Art Design Electrical Engineering and Automation

      Job Responsibilities

      1. Participate in the research and formulation of the company's creative strategy and be responsible for the graphic design of the brand;

      2. Responsible for the design and beautification of the company's public number and website promotion, and can independently complete various design work;

      3. Independently complete the case according to the company's planning ideas and marketing concepts, fully understand the creative intention and accurately reflect it in the creative design;

      4. Responsible for other related art design work.


      1. Major in art and graphic design, college degree or above;

      2. Have more than one year of relevant work experience;

      3, skilled use of various graphics software, such as photoshop, Sketchup, Coreldraw, Indesign, llustrator, etc.;

      4, love your job, work carefully, strong sense of responsibility;

      5. Have strong understanding, comprehension ability, work coordination ability and creativity.

      Interested parties please send your resume to the mailbox 195444352@qq.com

    • Drone flight control algorithm engineer 3 people salary 0.8-3 million / month

      Nanjing-Xuanwu District | No job experience | Undergraduate | Recruitment 3 | 05-22 Release | Aircraft Design and Engineering Computer Science and Technology

      Engaged in fixed wing / multi-rotor / helicopter flight control, navigation, guidance theory and its application research, embedded software development, UAV system industry applications.

      job requirements:

      1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mathematics, automation, control, aircraft design, flight mechanics, etc.;

      2. Solid C/C++ language skills, excellent software architecture capabilities and good programming style;

      3. Have a deep understanding and project experience in classical and modern control theory and algorithm engineering applications;

      4. Master flight mechanics, control related knowledge, have a solid mathematical foundation, master the principles and applications of PID/EKF/DCM, and have rich experience in parameter debugging;

      5. Understand Pixhawk, familiar with open source flight control such as PX4/Ardupilot or have experience in development of flight control products;

      Functional category: Embedded Software Development (Linux / MCU / PLC / DSP...

      Interested parties please send your resume to the mailbox 195444352@qq.com

    • UAV flight control hardware engineer salary 0.8-2 million / month

      Nanjing-Xuanwu District | 3-4 years experience | College | 1 person | 05-22 release | English proficiency | Electrical engineering and automation Electronic information engineering

      job requirements:

      1. Proficient in MUC (DSP\ARM) architecture, with relevant application development experience, and proficient in using its development environment;

      2, proficient in C language programming, can complete the underlying driver writing alone;

      3, proficient in I2C, SPI, CAN, UART, TCP / IP and other general protocols. Proficiency in peripherals commonly used in embedded systems, such as: ADC, DAC, GPIO, PWM, USB, etc.

      4. Experience with inertial sensor application is preferred;

      5. Comply with the project research and development specifications, obey the department's supervisor's work arrangement, execute strong, and have a sense of responsibility.

      Job responsibilities:

      1. Complete embedded hardware product program evaluation, device selection, detailed design and implementation according to the overall requirements, including principle design, PCB, and debugging;

      2. Participate in system migration and driver development and debugging;

      3, embedded hardware underlying design and writing debugging procedures and production process files;

      4. Write product development documents and technical specifications;

      5. Cooperate with the completion of the joint test of the drone system.

      Functional Category: Hardware Engineer IC IC Design / Application Engineer

      Interested parties please send your resume to the mailbox 195444352@qq.com

    • 5 photoelectric engineers, salary 1-2 million / month

      Nanjing-Xuanwu District | 2 years experience | Undergraduate | 5 people | 05-22 release | English proficiency | Measurement and control technology and equipment Electronic information engineering

      Job Responsibilities:

      1. Responsible for the overall architecture design and research of optoelectronic systems, organize the development of optoelectronic product development plans, and provide effective technical support for the development of the company's optoelectronics business.

      2. Organize and formulate the general requirements for the development of photovoltaic systems, the overall technical plan, analyze the technical indicators of the decomposition system, and prepare the development task book of the unit module to ensure the advanced and feasible system performance.

      3. Organize and coordinate the research and development of the project team to help solve the technical problems in the development process and ensure the progress and quality of the project.

      4. Organize and coordinate the tasks of the project team personnel to help the project team personnel to continuously improve and ensure the continuous development of the development team and research capabilities.

      job requirements:

      1. Optical engineering, optoelectronic technology, electronic engineering technology, etc.;

      2, proficient in electronic technology and computer communication related knowledge; proficient in optical, optoelectronic imaging device related knowledge, especially for infrared, visible light devices and lenses, etc. have a comprehensive knowledge and deep understanding; familiar with optical precision mechanical structure knowledge;

      3. Have more than 5 years of working experience in related fields; independently undertake the research and development of more than 2 related products;

      4. It has comprehensive and balanced knowledge and comprehensive application ability in optical, mechanical, electrical, software and other related technical fields involved in optoelectronic products, and is good at analyzing and solving problems from the perspective of the overall system.

      Interested parties please send your resume to the mailbox 195444352@qq.com

    • 1 network maintenance engineer salary 4.5-6 thousand / month

      Nanjing-Xuanwu District | 1 Years Experience | Undergraduate | Recruit 1 person | 05-21 Release | English Proficiency | Computer Information Management

      Job Responsibilities

      1. Responsible for the routine maintenance inspection of the infrastructure and equipment of the equipment room, maintaining the good working environment of the equipment room, recording the environmental data, and summarizing the reports into regular reports;

      2. Responsible for the management, configuration, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the IDC network environment and equipment, and provide network equipment maintenance solutions;

      3. Perform daily work plans in accordance with the process specifications of the equipment room;

      4. Cooperate with related customers to carry out the work of loading, installing, adjusting, maintaining and troubleshooting the server, and be familiar with the network integrated wiring;

      5, network equipment and network quality monitoring, timely response to failures and participate in troubleshooting;

      6. Regularly inspect, replace, and maintain the company's internal servers and spare parts, and establish routine inspection and maintenance documents for the data center;

      7. Write work and technical related documents as required;

      8. Assist the client, accept the customer to reflect the relevant problems, and follow up the reasonable needs of the customer.


      1. Computer or related professional degree or above or fresh graduates;

      2. Familiar with the basic use of Windows/UNIX/Linux operating system;

      3. Familiar with mainstream network/security product configuration (such as CISCO, H3C, Huawei);

      4, skilled use of Microsoft Office and other office software, understand the use of daily monitoring software;

      5, have a strong sense of responsibility, can be responsible for the task;

      6, excellent language skills, a certain ability to work, be practical, can bear hardships and stand hard work.

      Functional category: Network Information Security Engineer

      Interested parties please send your resume to the mailbox 195444352@qq.com

    • Business Assistant 2 people Salary 0.5-1.5 million / month

      Nanjing-Xuanwu District | 1 Years Experience | Undergraduate | Recruit 2 | 05-21 Release | English Proficiency | Marketing Business Planning Management

      Job Responsibilities

      1. Customer basic information collection and docking;

      2. Logistics of business processes;

      3. Marketing document school team, finishing and modifying;

      4. Preparation of relevant sales materials and contracts;

      5. Organize customer needs and handle multi-party file docking.


      1. Relevant work experience for more than two years, with a certain writing;

      2. Marketing, administrative related majors, college degree;

      3, flexible work, high savvy, strong sense of responsibility, familiar with office software world, Excel, ps, etc.

      4, have a driver's license, will drive;

      5, participated in the bidding, experience in bidding and experience in making bids.

      Functional Category: Sales Assistant Business Executive / Commissioner

      Interested parties please send your resume to the mailbox 195444352@qq.com

    • Art 2 people salary 5-8 thousand / month

      Nanjing-Xuanwu District | No job experience | 2 people | 05-21 release

      Job Requirements:

      1. Responsible for the company's product posters, brochures, exhibition stands, folding and other corporate image and other related design and production;

      2. Responsible for the improvement of the product details of the website, the processing, adjustment and beautification of the main map and the detailed map, and continuously improve the visual effects related to the products;

      3, Responsible for the official website picture production, publicity big picture, related products and other graphic design;

      4, other art design related matters, including not limited to WeChat, Weibo, product material collection, photographing, processing and so on.

      job requirements:

      1. Graduated from art or design related majors, with a certain degree of artistic background, a certain creative consciousness and creative thinking;

      2, with online shop art, design related work experience;

      3, Familiar with the principle of webpage art color matching, have certain art design and creative ability, have excellent visual expression ability, and skillfully use PS, DW, AI, CDR and other design software production tools;

      4. Work hard, dedication, open mind, good comprehension, communication and learning ability;

      5. Please bring your own related works during the interview.

      Functional category: web design / production / art

      Keywords: corporate image website design

      Interested parties please send your resume to the mailbox 195444352@qq.com

    • UAV structural engineer 2 people salary 0.6-1.5 million / month

      Nanjing-Xuanwu District | No job experience | College | 2 people | 05-21

      Job Responsibilities

      1. Responsible for the overall structural design of the drone, the integrated structure design of the drone and mission load, the structural design of the airborne equipment, and the structural design of the ground equipment.

      2. Responsible for structural 3D digital model design, and generate 2D drawings that can be used for processing and production according to company specifications.

      3. According to the mechanical structure problems found in the process of production, processing, assembly, testing, etc., give corresponding solutions

      4. Timely to the production and testing site to guide the staff to carry out production and testing work to ensure smooth progress.

      5. Continuously improve and optimize the mechanical structure of the company's products according to customer needs and company product planning

      6. Responsible for the compilation and summary of relevant design documents, drawings and other materials.

      job requirements

      1. Graduated in mechanical, electromechanical, aircraft, automation, mechanics, etc., engaged in the design of UAV structure for more than 2 years.

      2. Familiar with at least one 3D CAD design software (CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, PROE, etc.) and a 2D drawing design software, familiar with engineering drawing specifications

      3. Familiar with composite processing, metal machining, sheet metal, injection molding, etc., to understand the characteristics of different materials and processes

      4. Have drone research and development experience is preferred

      5. Have certain design and industrial design experience is preferred

      Functional category: Senior Software Engineer Algorithm Engineer

      Keywords: drone engineer

      Interested parties please send your resume to the mailbox 195444352@qq.com

    • Tracker 2 people Salary 1-1.5 million / month

      Nanjing-Xuanwu District | 5-7 years experience | Bachelor | 2 people | 05-21 release | English proficiency | Computer science and technology

      1. According to the technical requirements, carry out the design of the tracker

      2. Develop tracker hardware circuit design, chip selection and investigation, hardware circuit testing, joint debugging and troubleshooting;

      3. Supporting the embedded software design and testing of the corresponding components;

      4. Cooperate with other departments for system testing, joint debugging and testing;

      5. Write technical documentation.

      1. Experience in hardware circuit design, PCB board design or embedded system design is preferred;

      2. Proficient in at least one DSP hardware or related software design and familiar with related design tools;

      3. Proficiency in C language programming, able to carry out simple assembly program design;

      4. Have experience in software testing work is preferred;

      5. Have excellent team awareness, be good at organizing and coordinating work, and have strong resistance to stress.

      Functional category: Senior Software Engineer

      Keywords: DSP

      Interested parties please send your resume to the mailbox 195444352@qq.com

    • Guidance and Control Engineer 2 people Salary 1-3 million / month

      Nanjing-Xuanwu District | 5-7 years experience | Master | 2 people | 05-21 release | English proficiency | Measurement and control technology and equipment Electrical engineering and automation

      Job Responsibilities

      1) Responsible for the design of servo control platform in photoelectric pod products

      2) Responsible for the selection and use of the servo system of the pod system;

      3) Responsible for servo platform hardware or software design and debugging

      4) Organize or participate in the review of each stage of the project and complete the technical documents required for the review of each stage.

      And design drawings

      5) Participate in technical exchanges, learning and training, and participate in research and resolution meetings on key and difficult technical issues.


      1) Hard conditions: Bachelor degree or above in related majors such as automatic control, power electronics, mechanical electronics, etc.

      2 years of work experience

      2) Professional skills

      a) Proficiency in the use of schematic development software such as cadence

      b) Proficient in C language development based on STM32 platform or DSP platform

      e) proficient in automatic control principle and PID control algorithm; proficient in permanent magnet synchronous motor drive and control;

      3) General skills: have a strong sense of responsibility, self-motivation, strong ability to innovate and communicate, with

      With a certain writing skills, you can complete the preparation of project technical documents.

      Additional points: Experience in electro-optical servo system development and motor control is preferred.

      Interested parties please send your resume to the mailbox 195444352@qq.com