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    Nanjing Glaucus -Tech Co., Ltd. is a dual-soft and national high-tech enterprise focusing on early warning, control, unmanned system, artificial intelligence product development, production, marketing and engineering services.

    With the business philosophy of “small core and great collaboration”, the company has been exploring and promoting the application of artificial intelligence in the fields of detection and warning, command and prevention, etc. since its establishment in July 2006, and is committed to providing customers with more leading, safe and innovative. Professional services.

    The enterprise products are developed from core components, sub-systems and system integration. After 13 years of tempering and development, we have a high-level domestic R&D team. A series of high-quality, high-reliability products independently developed by ourselves have successfully provided a complete set of advanced detection and control solutions for domestic customers. The car night vision products developed and produced by our company have been installed in transportation vehicles of related industries. With good brand reputation and extensive customer resources, the company has laid a solid market foundation and received enthusiastic response in the international market.

    The company attaches great importance to talent introduction and technological innovation, paying special attention to the reserve of core technologies and forward-looking technology pre-research. At present, the company has more than 40 product patents, and has successively established strategic partnerships with National Defense Science and Technology University, Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Army Engineering University, Aerospace Science and Industry Group, China National Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and China Electronics Technology Group. , carry out in-depth cooperation. The company's core think tank consists of core high-end talents in the industry, providing cutting-edge technical guidance and escort for the company's development of top-level design, product strategic planning and major technology development, research and transformation.

    Looking forward to the future, Nanjing Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. will continue to embrace the ideal of “industry to serve the country and industrial prosperity”, adhere to the concept of innovation and hard work, strengthen product technology research and development, actively respond to national development strategies, and help build a strong country. To the new journey of unmanned and intelligent systems with AI as the core, to contribute to the national dream of realizing the Chinese dream.